Backhoe Loader

  • Front and rear aluminum alloy wheels, high-quality rubber tire covers, full drive 4 * 4 power differential locking axle, and the reduction ratio of front and rear axles is 1:2.7.
  • CNC metal shell; The front shovel is equipped with a stainless steel bucket, and the bucket has a hydraulic opening and closing function.
  • Front fork, hydraulic front shovel, hydraulic bucket, one machine with multiple functions; The rear digging arm is equipped with a digging assembly to move laterally, and the digging range is larger.
  • Hydraulic support leg, more stable operation.The rotary cab seat is convenient for the driver to operate at both ends and has a higher degree of simulation.
  • The hydraulic system is equipped with a hydraulic reversing valve, switching valve, brushless ESC, oil pump, fine stainless steel oil cylinder, overflow valve and other hydraulic components to form a precise hydraulic system, which is more coordinated and linear.


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